¿Cómo se dice ‘educado’ en inglés?

How can you express ‘educado’ in English? Does educado = educated? Not always. ‘Educado’ and ‘educated’ can be false friends, words in two languages that look or sound similar, but are different in meaning. Let’s look at three ways to use it in English.

1. well-mannered, polite, well-behaved, nicely behaved = educado (buen comportamiento)

He’s a very polite boy, he always says hello when he sees us.

Es un chico muy educado, siempre saluda cuando nos ve.

What a nicely behaved girl!

¡Qué niña tan educada!

Corrine is very well-behaved, she has good manners. Corrine es muy educada, tiene muy buenos modales.

It’s polite to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Es educado decir ‘por favor’ y ‘gracias’.

polite ≠ impolite, rude, ill-mannered (maleducado)

Rafael is rude, he always says bad words. Rafael es un maleducado, siempre dice palabrotas.

2. bring up = educado (criado por alguien)

When his parents died, he was brought up by his aunt and uncle.*

Como murieron sus padres, fue educado por sus tíos.

*Remember: tío=uncle tía=aunt and tíos= aunt and uncle/aunts and uncles

When her parents went to work in Japan, her grandparents brought her up.

Cuando sus padres se fueron a trabajar a Japón, la educaron sus abuelos.

Bring up is a separable phrasal verb

  • bring up somebody It’s important to bring up our children to be respectful adults.
  • bring somebody up Jane is an amazing woman. She brought three children up on her own after her husband died.

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Rising numbers of children are brought up by grandparents or other relatives

3. educated = educado (culto)

He is very well-educated, educated in one of the best schools in Barcelona.

Tiene muy buena formación, educado en uno de los mejores colegios de Barcelona.

educated ≠ uneducated (inculto, sin educación)

Michael may be an uneducated person, but he’s kind and sincere.

Puede que Michael sea una persona sin educación, pero es amable y sincero.

Quiz: Complete the sentences with polite, bring up or educated. You can find the answers at the end of this article.

  1. Be___________ to everyone.
  2. Anna was better ___________ and had more business experience.
  3. That nurse is very kind and ___________.
  4. My parents___________ me ___________ strictly.
  5. He is well ___________, understanding and intelligent.
  6. Milan and Lisa have just been married, and they’re already reading books on how to ___________ their future children
  7. Rogelio said he liked what she had made for dinner, but he was only being ___________.
  8. She is an ___________woman with an impressive career.



Speaking of good manners, here are two videos on how to be polite in English. You will learn important phrases and good habits if you are studying, working, living, or traveling abroad. Watch carefully and repeat the phrases.





1. polite 2. educated 3. polite 4. brought me up 5. educated 6. bring up 7. polite 8. educated
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