How Effective are you in Conferences using Business English?

Where would be a good platform to test your Business English?

There is a gamut of ways, places and avenues to see if you are truly able to communicate effectively in English.

Attend a conference and observe the presentations of world leaders, experts, guru or a short presentation on various topics. If you are the speaker, the elements of success are built around learning about your audience, captivating them in your initial opening, giving them something to take away and utilizing KISS, keeping it simple and succinct.

For participants, your success is built around meetings whether its a one on one, group meetings, or social meetings. Work on asking questions to pique the interests of your audience. Enough of the small talk, go straight to the topic or information you want to gain. After all, conferences are built for people who share common interests.

A challenge happens for those who are non-native speakers, but for bilinguals, it allows for a larger networking possibility. However, the key to effective communication is to hear what the person is saying and if you know the person language you are a step ahead. Although it also presents a challenge. For the non-native speaker, that challenge is to be able to express the correct meaning of what that person wants to say, using the nuance of the language injected with the proper and timely use of idioms or colloquial expressions.

Therefore, practising before a conference would be most useful. Practice beforehand, reach the level of fluency where you can communicate without much thought or looking up in the air hoping the translations or conjugations are correct, waiting for a minute and then speaking. For those who have worked overseas, understanding the nuances of the language is paramount in clear and powerful communication. You can express yourself with clarity and thus the ability to connect and build your network.

As many of us know, the “lingua franca” in English is used especially in the business setting. Therefore utilizing business vocabularies allows for easy communication in an international setting, whether its a trade conference, videoconferencing, webinars or Skype calls.

Management, therefore, has to equip its leaders, executives, salespeople and employees at large on how to succeed in English communication whether its intra-office, outside with clients or with the international community. Perhaps a group course would be helpful. Telephone classes are very helpful prior to that important conference whether one is participating or attending. Communication will happen and in order to reap the reward of successful participation, all these elements must be glued together.

Conferences, trade fairs, and seminars offer a huge platform for a successful Business English communication, a moment where time can be used efficiently with the right contact and truly communicate effectively thus building an insurmountable network. This will hopefully open doors for future business connections, start meaningful negotiations, as well as develop a long time business relationship.

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