8 Things to Nail Your Online Job Interview

Nearly half of all initial interviews begin virtually. This method of screening candidates saves the company’s time and resources while allowing them to interview more people to find the right person for the job.

If you have an upcoming online job interview you must follow the normal procedures for an in-person meeting, plus additional strategies to be successful.

Follow these 9 tips to ensure you make it past round one of a virtual interview.

1. Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Online job interviews may be in the comfort of your own home but that doesn’t make them casual.

Choose a piece of furniture that mimics how you would sit in an in-person interview. That means no lounging on the couch or propped up against a pillow on your bed.

Slouching appears lazy, unprepared, and informal. Sit up straight at a table so you can manage your laptop and notes easily. You don’t want your computer going lopsided or papers falling from your lap.

A professional setup also puts you in the mood to do business. Prepare your mind by acting like you just sat down in your future employer’s office.

2. Dress Like You Mean It

No matter where you sit for your digital interview if you are in sweatpants then you won’t take the interview as seriously as you should. Clothes affect your psychological mindset. So, put on the matching shoes and pants even though your interviewer won’t see them.

Making a great first impression will have the hiring manager envisioning you as their next employee. They may even forgive inadequate answers when they know you took the time to prepare for the interview by dressing to impress.

This applies to any job regardless of their normal dress code or even if you are applying for a remote job. Once you get hired then you can relax and dress according to the company standard.

3. Check for Technical Glitches and Upgrades

You may use an unfamiliar software or one that you have experience using. Regardless of your past use, go through the platform again to familiarize yourself with any new features. You may find that you need to create a new account or that you don’t know your current password. These issues shouldn’t be addressed right before your interview.

Other problems could occur with your sound, video, or internet connection. Most programs like Zoom and Skype have testing options to see if your sound is turned on. Check the volume and both the audio input and microphone output.

Do a test run of your video feed to ensure your picture isn’t pixelated or lagging. Have a backup internet option like your cell phone’s hot spot just in case your Wifi gets interrupted.

You also want to know how long do interviews last to make sure you have enough battery on your laptop. To be safe, charge it fully or keep it plugged in. Also, check how much free time is allowed on your platform. Zoom offers up to 40 minutes for free, which is about the average interview timeframe. So, plan ahead for extra minutes.

4. Choose a Neutral Backdrop

During your virtual job interview, you don’t want your interviewer gazing at your unique book collection or abstract artwork. Pick a room and a wall that has no distractions.

A white background is preferred to make your setting as neutral as possible. If your setting is too busy then your face will get lost as well as your words. You want all the attention on your skills, not your personal possessions.

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