Job offer

  • Native English-speaking teachers (native level).
  • With experience in dealing with children.
  • Dates: July & August.
  • Salary: 500 Euros every 2 weeks (1000/month), NET, after tax and social Security.
  • Full board accommodation.

We are looking for responsible, friendly people, with experience in leisure and teaching teens. The main target of the activity is to be involved with the participants in all the activities. Only English must be spoken during the activities.

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The Company Pebetero Servicios Deportivos is devoted to the organisation of sports, cultural and training activities. In the summer, it mainly focuses on organising themed sleepover summer camps. Since starting in 2007 Pebetero has grown into one of the largest organisers of summer camps in Spain.


Linguistic-immersion camps in different parts of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

The activity is aimed at teens from 12 to 17 years old. On these summer camps you will have to organise and carry out different activities with the participants during the whole camp (English classes, leisure activities and tours. Full support is given to you with necessary materials. On each Camp there are 2 coordinators who are there to care of the “teens” and coordinate monitors. Here is an example of a typical day for the students/teens. Each camp is managed slightly differently by the camp manager.

Camp Locations


Application process is now closed. Please contact us for further information.