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  • Campo de Gibraltar, La Linea de la Concepcion


I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual. I like to learn as well as teaching as I believe there is far more to learn in life than our schooling provides. I have the ability to engage and encourage students in the learning process and make the learning experience an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
I like traveling and during my travels, especially in the Eastern Europe I met with a lot of university students who lacked the colloquial aspect of English language and we had meetings in cafes and had informal chats on how to use the spoken English language. As I really enjoyed this experience, I decided to have formal qualifications in teaching English language and I completed a TEFL course few years ago and obtained my TEFL certificate. My main profession is not teaching English but I helped a number of individuals improve their English language skills like some Spanish colleagues who worked in Gibraltar where both Spanish and English languages are used. These teachings would normally take place in cafes, at the beach, in a bar or during lunch breaks rather than in formal classes. I found that in such informal environments the students are more relaxed and able to absorbed the taught material especially in their chosen subject. I find that this kind of teaching is more effective than rigid classroom teaching and this is the method of teaching is the way forward in modern language teaching.
As I am a British citizen I obtained necessary secondary qualifications in GCSE’s and A-levels in Science and language subjects. I completed various undergraduate courses and obtained diplomas in computer sciences and electronic engineering. I currently hold a TEFL certificate to add to my qualifications.





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