Kelsey Smith

  • Profesora de inglés de EEUU con experiencia
  • Madrid


I have experience as a teacher in elementary schools, adult exam preparation, and US university preparatory exams. I am currently working as an English teacher in an academy, and in the past I have worked as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Madrid, and as a Native English Teacher through EPIK (English Program in Korea). Currently I teach tailored one-on-one classes to students hopeful to spend their university career in the United States. My courses teach the skills necessary to succeed in the higher US education system. The courses include lessons on literary and informative reading, grammar for editing, essay writing, and essential mathematic principles, ranging from arithmetic to algebra to geometry. Additionally, I offer ESL exam preparation to adults seeking English certifications for job-related promotions or higher education admissions. In addition to adult exam preparation, I have a strong background in teaching ESL in schools as well. During my tenure with EPIK, I collaborated with a co-teacher for third through sixth grade English subject classes. While adhering to the textbook curriculum, I also implemented new games, activities, and strategies to increase student engagement. Furthermore, I was responsible for staff English instruction, young-learners’ introduction to English and phonics, and vacation English camps. Camp activities were hands-on and experimentation-based, such as group projects, crafts, cooking, and competitions. I spent one year as an English Auxiliar in Spanish elementary school, preparing fourth grade students for the Trinity English exam. My lessons supplemented class topics and offered specialized learning catered to each student. I focused on spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. To motivate my students and increase retention, I designed games and competitions.


  • business english
  • cambridge proficiency
  • GED
  • general english
  • SAT
  • toeic
  • trinity gese


Kalamazoo College

2007-2011Bachelor of Art



2013-2015Native English Teacher

Comunidad de Madrid

2015-2016Auxiliar de Conversación

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