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Hi everyone. I’m Jeremy and I’m from England. There are several important factors in my life that make me the English teacher I am today.

I was born and raised in a multi-cultural family with my parents teaching me two separate languages at the same time. This has taught me that learning a language doesn’t only give you the opportunity to speak to people from around the world. It also opens yourself to other cultures, to how people think and react. We can learn so much from one another just by being able to converse in a common language. I propose to my students to share my past experience, my culture and a personalized English lesson in return for your experience, your knowledge and your ideas. Let’s open our minds to the world and learn from one another.

It’s essential that I get to know you, my students, in order to propose the ideal lesson catered to your tastes. For over 10 years in sales; I learnt the importance of listening to and correctly identifying the other person’s needs in order to acheive success. By understanding your needs, I can plan lessons that you actually want. The more we get to know each other over time, the more the lessons will vary and be adapted to your liking. It’s important that we enjoy what we do so we will prepare the lessons according to your needs and tastes.

For the past five years, I’ve been living in Barcelona and I’ve recently become a father. My daughter is 17 months old and she’s certainly changed my world in a million ways. Thanks to her, I’m learning how to understand and communicate without always being able to rely on the use of speech which has made me become much more attentive to reactions and gestures. In the classroom, I’m more careful and patient. If we have trouble learning a subject using one method, we try a different way until things are clear for everyone.

Finally, five years of teaching English has confirmed that I have a profound interest for other people and their success in life. I’m fortunate to have knowledge of something that I can share with others rather than keep for myself and if someone else can make good use of it, that makes me a happy man. I’ve been lucky to teach people of all ages, all horizons. Some come to learn for business, some come for leisure. I strive to ensure that when a student leaves the classroom ; for them : it was a pleasure.

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