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I feel passionate about helping individuals gain valuable knowledge and being able to be the one to share skills with them. I volunteered in Cambodia teaching English in 2013, which was hard work as I had to teach a very mixed ability and age group whilst maintaining control over the class. More recently, I have been holding English conversational sessions in Indonesia to help the students practice their English with a native speaker. I have been focusing my attention on their pronunciation and fluency of speech, which is something the local teachers struggle to do as they are still perfecting their English. I have also been gaining classroom experience by holding art workshops in an international school in Indonesia too, as I graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree.


I am polite and friendly and remain calm and professional. I am well organised and am always on time, and importantly, a strong team player.


I recently completely a Fine Art degree course where I needed to be very self motivated and find fulfilment in what I was doing, which I believe to be key to every aspect of my life. I had to organise my schedule and plan my time carefully to maximise my studio time against written work as my paintings took a long time to dry. As my course was mainly studio time I had to be driven to go in independently everyday and know what I was working on.


In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, by running or swimming with friends. I also enjoy cooking, socialising and doing as much as possible to fill my day. I am a hard worker as I like to keep busy!







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