• Profesor de ingles con 9 años experencia
  • El Casar, Guadalajara


I am Robert, I’m from the UK and have been teaching since March 2009. I have experience with all abilities, though specialize in corporate English and exam preparation.

If you decide to learn English with me you will be learning through my own method which is called ICE.


“International” means that we don’t worry about specific pronunciation such as British or American, English no longer has borders and this will help you to learn quicker and develop your own style.

“Communicative” takes English beyond the speaking, it’s all about the presentation and being understood. Did you know that you can speak effective English with a vocabulary of around 2000 key words? An average native speaker has a total vocabulary of roughly 18,000 words – but it is uncommon to use them all daily. 

“English” of course means English.


  • business/corporate english
  • conversational english
  • exam preparation
  • general english.

can travel

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