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    Profesor nativo con experiencia clases personalizadas a domicilio y on-line. Native English teacher
    I am a native English teacher based in Barcelona with more than 8 years' experience of a range of different students. I am available for face-to-face classes and online classes.
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    English Teacher in Madrid Capital
    I am an English teacher from the United States. I taught primary school in the US for several years before coming to Madrid. I have a master's in education and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. In addition, I have been teaching English in Madrid both in a public school and giving private classes for two years. I offer a wide variety of classes to all ages and all levels.
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    Let me help you with your pronunciation and grammar and to achieve your goals with English.
    I am a dedicated and professional native, English teacher who gets results from her students. I keep my students motivated with their learning and I genuinely enjoy helping my students to improve. I can also help you with your CV and interview preparation. I take a lot of care to plan my lessons specifically to the needs of my students and I make the most of every minute of the lesson so that students can be sure they are getting value for money. I have a British standard accent and I correct all of my student’s pronunciation and grammar errors so that they can feel confident they are speaking English correctly.
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    Dedicated General and Business English Teacher.
    Hi There. I am TEFL qualified from TtMadrid. My experience as a Human Resources Manager and Training and Development Officer in the South African National Defence Force (23 years of service), as well at Defence Foreign Relations (DFR) environment will ensure my Business English classes are of high quality, well planned, structured and professional. I am results driven and will ensure my students achieve the highest achievement possible and reach their personal goals. I can assist with real time business examples and experiences, presentation skills and general English fluency.