Alan Mc Manus

  • English, Accounting & Business Teacher
  • Barcelona


My areas of interest are English & Accounting in which I possess diverse multi-cultural experience. My key English competencies include, but not limited to, Literacy and Examinations. Literacy I gained from my position with Monash University, while the skill of Examination was acquired as an Assessment Consultant with the British Council.

I recently arrived (July 2016) to Barcelona from Shanghai, after spending five years in Asia. During my years in Shanghai, I worked alongside an Australian University, Monash University, lecturing in English and Accounting for two years. I also worked with the British Council for three years as an Assessment Consultant. Furthermore, in Vietnam, I taught in local Government high schools over a one year period.

Just recently, I finalised my MSc in International Accounting & Finance from the University of Liverpool, specialising in Strategic Finance Practice. Also, I hold a Certificate in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business in Management. On a personal level, I have always been interested in CSR and Human Rights, this is why I did a Postgraduate Certificate in Business, Human Rights Law & Corporate Social Responsibility with the Open University in the UK.

I am CELTA and ACELS qualified since July 2010 and have four and a half years teaching experience. While in Shanghai I also taught with Koolearn, a subsidiary of XDF, who specialised in online learning. This ran for one year via Skype where I taught English on a one-to-one basis to university students, studying domestically and internationally. I also examined in IELTS for three years, allowing much more development and in-depth knowledge be gained on the English language.

My international experience, my experience of distance learning from my MSc in International Accounting & Finance and my online teaching experience ensures recent and thorough knowledge based on current best teaching practices. I have worked in international environments and am familiar with a vast range of working cultures, therefore am an accomplished communicator and decision maker while very adaptable.


University of Liverpool

Nov 2011/ Oct 2016MSc in International Accounting & Finance

Open University - UK

Oct 2012/ Dec 2012Business, Human Rights Law & Corporate Social Responsibility

ITT - Dublin

Sept 2009/ May 2010Higher Certificate in Accounting

ITT - Dublin

Sept 2006/ May 2009Bachelor of Business in Management


July 2010Ireland


Monash University

Jan 2013/ Jan 2015English & Accounting Lecturer

Shelton DG

Sept 2011/Aug 2012English Language Teacher


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